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Babbit for Bullets???

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I am considering getting into casting my bullets. Digging through some old stuff from my days before retirement in the elevator industry I found a laddle and several bars of babbit. The babbit was used to pour shackles for elevator cables and also bearings for large slow turning machines.

Ouestion: would the babbit be suitable for bullets?? Would it neet to mixed with something softer such as wheel weights or is it OK as is? I have no idea what it's composition. I do know we heated it in the laddle over a propane pot before pouring it.


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Yes the babbit should be mixed with a softer base metal,
straight babbit is too hard and a waste of tin but there are
different comp's of babbit. Does yours have any stamping's
on it? You could probaly trade a little for a lot of WW. HTH
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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