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Bad Day

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I bought a second high capacity mag for my Baby DE from CheaperThanDirt and Fedex showed it was delivered today around 11:00 on the package tracking site. I got home around 2:00 and the mag was nowhere to be found. I was never given the option to request a signature with delivery. I think someone stole my package off my porch. Not only am I out $36 but some immoral a$$ out there now knows I have at least one gun in the house. I have a safe for the guns but I have to wonder whether my house just became more likely to be broken into. :? Shady people suck.
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I've heard of Fedex taking the iniative and signing "for" you. Have a friend who was supposed to get some snakes delivered at a precise time. About half an hour after that time had passed he called them to find out where his pythons were, found out he had signed for them 40 minutes ago. :roll:
I will never use FedEx after what they did to me.
I got an email from a guy, on Wednesday, who sold me a great holster saying he was happy to see, on the tracking site, that I had received it. I hadn't. It was delivered yesterday. :roll:

It is a great holster, too! :D
Contact FedX. They may replace it. The drivers wil generally try to put the package out of the way(on the back porch ,etc.) or let a neighbor sign for it. FedX may still be liable for it. All it takes is a telephone call!

Search everywhere! I once had a UPS package sit on my porch for 2 days, cause I did not see it. After a call to the sender & UPS who finally had the driver call me, it was sitting there just as the driver left it behind a flower pot.

I would call fedex they are usually very helpfull.
I did look everywhere. We removed most of the bushes and I checked the side and back doors. I really do think it was stolen. I'll call them today.
Fuelburns2 said:
I did look everywhere. ...
Was your garage door open? (if you have a garage? :) ) There were a couple times the driver left packages inside the garage (behind something large one time) and we didn't find those for a day or two. The sad part about that, is that my wife was home and he could have a) rang the bell or b) left it on the porch and rang the bell.

Another time, my sister sent Christmas packages to the kids. One package landed at a machine shop about 4 miles away. They were honest enough to look up the phone number, call, and tell us they had the package. They were nice enought to actually deliver it.
I checked the shed too. Our Fedex guy isn't typically very creative. He is better than UPS though. My packages always look like the UPS guy dragged them behind his truck when I get them.
Do tell the rest of the story after you contact them. I wonder the same thing all the time. I get all my PC gear shipped and they leave them on the porch all the time. Once UPS left a IPOD Nano on the porch for 5 hrs in -10 weather. I was pissed but it works so whatever.
I called them today. They said they would do an investigation and call me when they were done. I'm not quite sure what that means, but at least something is being done.

It really doesn't bother me that I had a $36 package stolen off my front door. Not that I'm happy about that but what really bothers me is that some unscrupulous person out there now knows that I have at least one gun in the house. They are all in a safe, but I still have other things I don't want stolen.

I'm switching ISPs so I may be offline for the next two weeks. I'm debating whether to bother with one of those AOL free trial deals in the meantime. When I am back up I'll be sure to let you all know what happened.
:idea: another way to look at it is that now at least one person knows you have a gun and might be afraid of trying to break into your house :idea:
See, anything can be given a positive spin. :wink:

I got an email notice from Fedex yesterday that I have a package coming on the 8th. It is the same weight as the mag was so I think they are resending it. The notice did not have any other details other than that I don't owe any money.
Well I'm back online and nothing has been done. The package I mentioned earlier was ammo I forgot I had ordered. Fedex really can't do anything so I'll have the charge removed from my credit card. What a waste of time.
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