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Bad Magtech ammo....

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Anyone have any experience with Magtech ammo? Bought a box of 454 240 gr rounds and was sighting them in at the range yesterday. First 5 were fine... My son fired the next shot...was fine...next shot...click with a small pop. Powder charge was still in the chamber with a little behind the bullet now lodged in my barrel.

When I got home I was able to clear the bullet etc. and got everything cleanded up. The powder is a real fine ball type and it made a mess - it was in every nook and cranny. Not sure what to do with the rest of the rounds. Pull the bullets and reload...or trust that the rest will go of.
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Try contacting the company. I've had problems before,with other manufacturers and have had replacements sent to me at no charge.

I have used an awful lot of Magtech ammo with no problems what so ever. We buy it direct from them for qualifications 4 times a year and I'll piggy back personal orders when possible. I would contact the company and tell them of your experience, chances are they will exchange the box or boxes for new. I've gone through a couple hundred .454s myself and have not had a problem, knock on wood.
I went through just over 100 rounds of .357 magtech ammo a few days ago and had no problems. I actually liked it better than the Winchester target ammo I've been using and plan on exclusively using Magtech in the future. If I were in your position I would probably just use the rest of them. That sort of thing seems to be one in a million, I wouldn't think too much of it but I am curious about how it happened. Was it a bad primer?
I too have used Magtech ammo, in fact just the other day I went to the range to finish off the rest of my 250rd. bulk pack that I bought at Gander Mountain and never had a problem. In my experience Magtech offers a pretty good price and good consistency with each shot. I think what you experienced was a fluke and that you should try and fire off the rest of the ammo.
I finished off the rest and it all went boom. On the misfire, the primer went off enough to push the bullet about 2+ inches up the barrel. When I pushed the bullet out, there was a powder ball plus the rest of it was in the chamber. It was a very fine ball type - similar to 4227 but finer. It's interesting how it all stayed together...like a pyrodex pellet or something. I'll give them another try. I just wanted to see if was a common thing or... Thanks for the feedback everyone.
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