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Bad Rep

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Hey, I'm not one to be against Ruger - started out pistol shooting on a Ruger .22 revolver and got a taste for big bore on a Ruger 44 mag -
but recently my friends who own berettas were talking sh** about ruger semi autos. Now I'm not looking for you guys to talk trash about the beretta, but what problems if any does one typically see in a ruger semi auto, or was this just a bunch of normal bs everybody likes to throw around?
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I've been told that the Ruger semiautos are no good and that the revolvers are among the best available. Both claims were unsubstantiated but seem to be somewhat prevalent in my circle of friends. Personally I would buy one if I found the right one for me.

I've owned many Rugers in my time on earth. I've drifted from the semi autos for the most part, but they are fine pieces that work. I have a P90 in 45 as a HD. It hits where I aim, shoots better than I can aim, and functions reliable. It will jam if dirty, after 2-300 rounds, but that's not an issue for me, as I clean it after every outing. P89, P95s had them, same thing, worked great.


A lot of folks talk trash who have not shot the gun in question.
Hehe, I like the shoots better than I can aim! I feel the same way about every gun. Unfortunately these days I am scared shitless of anything that has even the slightest record of unreliability. Thanks for the input though. I'm glad to hear what my friends say isn't all bullshit. Well maybe that's not good, because they say a lot of crap about me - does that mean that's true too? -- Probably :lol:
Having had a number of Rugers, beginning in the '60's, I have found their products to be very, very good... or STINKO!! Their QC :evil: must be as inconsistent as anybody's. Glad to report I recently unloaded my last Ruger bow-wow, so my current Rugers are all shooters. (Not just a Ruger problem: have had good and lousy Remingtons and Winchesters,too.)
Shoot safe. Recruit a new shooter.
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1gsplover, are you refering to the quality control on their pistols and revolvers, long guns, or both? I haven't had but one ruger and some family and friends have others but I haven't seen any inconsistency in the QC on their small arms. I don't have any point of reference for long arms, though. Have you had a bad ruger recently or is this an issue of the past? I don't question your testimony just asking for some clarification.
:cry: Last two Ruger dogs I got were a Single-Six and a P-89. Near as I recall bought both in the mid to late nineties. OOps! Forgot about the Mini-Thirty that shot approx. minute-of-barndoor! That was a mistake I made in this century!
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I have found Ruger centerfire semi-autos to be pretty reliable but rather ugly, or maybe utilitarian is a better word. I also think they are a bit bulky for my taste and feel the lack of compact models is a negative for the company. I find them to fit my hand better than a Glock and some S&Ws but they just don't trip my trigger so I don't own one.
The rimfire pistols are some of the best around but again I find the grip to be unpleasant. The 22/45 is much better but I still prefer my High Standard Supermatic Trophy Military, Buckmark, or the S&W 41.
Bah. Most people who talk smack about Ruger semiautos don't own one. I have shot several thousand rounds through my P95 and haven't had a single misfire, FTF, or FTE.
I have used many different breeds of Rugers in my time and the only problem I have ever had was not with the gun itself. In short, it was simply personal preferrence as to the way the gun felt in my hand. I'm not exactly sure what madel it was, but it was a .45 auto pistol and I preferred my Colt Double-Eagle. Again, every gun worked/works like a charm, I just liked the other one better.
Most likely your friends want to make themselves feel better about spending all that money on a high dollar pistol so they put down the "cheap" guns.

my $350 P95PR15 has fed, fired, and ejected 700 rounds so far, with NO malfunctions whatsoever. I've limp-wristed it, shot it from weird angles, frogotten to tap the back of the mag many times, shot hollowpoints, +p, and weido European surplus crap that was several years old. One outing was a 300 some odd round, all day, shoot-till-you puke outing in which I didn't clean it during the trip and fired tons of ammo with out breaks. The gun was dirty and extremely hot, yet it never even so much as hiccupped It outshoots my abilities hands down, it's a total ammo whore (gobbles anything you give it!) and I'd trust it with my life anyday.
I own a Ruger P-84 MKII and a Beretta 92 FS. I love'em both. The Ruger has about 12,000 rounds through it. I bought it in 1991 and of those 12,000 rounds I have had (0) ZERO malfunctions believe it or not. It's a great gun. My only complaint is it's long trigger pull. My 92FS was a "gift" from my brother-in-law. His wife wanted all of his guns out of the house after their first child was born. He bought the gun and only shot enough through it to complete the Florida CC class requirements. I've put about 4,000 rounds through it and only had 1 malfunction which I attribute to the crappy 30 round aftermarket magazine I was using. Other than that the gun has not given me a single problem. I've shot them both dirty (about 500 to 600 rounds), inside, outside, hot, cold, military surplus ammo, Speer Gold Dot ammo, +P rounds and have had excellent results. On a side note I had a Class III malfunction with my department issue Glock 22. The spent case some how flipped and a live round fed into the open end of the spent case and drove into the chamber. It was a pretty freak thing to have happen to you. The range master had to drive the spent case out of the breach with a wooden dowel rod. I've had enough problems with the Glocks that I would like to carry something else, but department policy says I have to carry a Glock. There's my two cents worth.
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I have owned 4 Ruger 44 mag single actions. All of them
were terrific guns, very accurate and no problems. I now
own a Ruger 357 single action and a GP100 357. I really
like both of them. That makes 6 Ruger revovlers and all
have been terrific. I have never had one of their autos,
but I would not hesitate if I did not have enough autos
:evil: WHOA!!! "...all the guns out of the house after the first child was born"??? If he caved on that one, he's in for a long and miserable ride...
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I own a Ruger Security Six and it's a very good gun. I've shot nearly 100 rounds with it (keeping a few out just in case of emergencies at home) and it's never given me any trouble. It's actually easier to be accurate with than my father's P226.
Ruger is one of my favorite gun companies. The M77 in .270 win was my first hunting rifle and I own several more Ruger fire arms now. With all of that said besides there .22 automatic pistols the rest just are not up to par with the better autos on the market. Ive shot several in 9mm and .45 and it seems to me they arent dependable and the accuracy stinks. I hope I'm not offending anyone but that is my 2 cents.

I've had a different experience. I'm interested in the year models, though, so I can start to evaluate.

Man, my Ruger P 89 is the most accurate handgun me, or any of my friends have ever shot. When I qualified for CHL I shot my Ruger and I had a hole in the target that I couldn't fit an apple through. I love my Ruger. I've never had ANY problems with it, not cycling, not firing, not accuracy, not anything. Absolutly one of the best handguns I've ever held. Certainly the most accurate I own. It's not the nicest, or the prettiest, but I feel VERY secure carrying it for protection.

Ruger shotguns are a different story... but their pistols and rifles are top notch.

I have 3-P95dcs,one P97dc,2-gp100s and an sp101.All are in stainless.I haven't had a single problem with any of them.I have also owned sigs,glocks and kimbers.For the money you cant beat a ruger.
Welcome to the forum Dogbear. :D

I had a chance to shoot my friend's sp101 before he joined the National Guard. It was a real nice little .357 but I couldn't get used to only having five shots. The quality was certainly high though.
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