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Bang-For-Buck 1911

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Looking for a good value in a .45ACP 1911. Only one's I've looked at were the Kimbers at my local gun shop and half choked at the price on those suckers. Fine weapons though.

Suggestions for a reliable, "workhorse" 1911? The gun is for Home defense, IDPA comp (for fun. I'm not looking to kick ass and take names here), and range fun. Looks are not an issue to me. Let me know brands and price range.

Will I be able to find a specimen in the 400-600 range? I'm real impressed with my Ruger P95's reliability, and was hoping to get something similarly reliable. I've put 1400 rounds through my Ruger with no FTF's or FTE's. I'd just like to have a bigger caliber.
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The Springfields are easily the best value in 1911 style handguns out there. The GI and Mil-Spec models are the least expensive but I would go up to the next level to get better sights and more durable finish. There are other brands out there that may be less expensive but the difference will quickly be eaten up as you replace parts that prematurely wear and break.
Though I just bought mine, my Springfield GI .45 4" Champion model is good basic gun that only set me back $500 brand new. Parkerized finish, so its not all finger-printed up when you get done with it. The sights suck, but I plan to become a pro with them. (Yeah, right :roll: ) 100 rounds through it so far, no problems yet. Mine's not the full 5" barrel because I thought it just looked way too big. But I sure have fun with it!

(Note: The above poster is in no way a pistol expert. I could be giving good advise, could be eating my words in a week. I can't tell! :lol: :wink: )
Springfield's are nice because they have a good mix of cost and quality. You should also look into Auto Ordnance, I have one and love it. You might have herd some bad things about them in the past but ever since Khar Arms bought them out the quality of the 1911 series of handguns has greatly improved and are now getting high praise from shooters looking for a quality 1911 for a low price!
I am partial to the Springfields, but I agree that Auto Ordnance has improved in quality. :wink:
Don't forget to take a look at the new Taurus 1911 also. The write ups that I've read have been quite good,so far.

Check out the Smith and Wessons also. I shot one the other day and I was very impressed. I know it will be the next auto I purchase.
A local dealer is selling Rock Island 1911 's NIB for $329 plus tax. Anyone shot one of these? They look fine but the cheap price makes a guy wonder.
plowboy1989 said:
A local dealer is selling Rock Island 1911 's NIB for $329 plus tax. Anyone shot one of these? They look fine but the cheap price makes a guy wonder.
I have heard that the RIA 1911s are nothing but trouble. Made in the far east. Good luck sending one off for repairs.
Aimless, you are correct. I beleive RIA are made in the Philippines. :?
Rock Island Armory is made in the Phillipines but generally gets good reviews from a price/quality/value point of view.

Here's a link to a RIA thread in another forum. It also points you to other resources.

http://www.thehighroad.org/showthread.p ... ock+island

I exerp this one post from 1911Tuner, as he seems to be very experienced and even handed

Recently I had the opportunity to look at a pair of new RIAs that a member and his wife bought for range use. Hers had a minor failure to go to battery issue that was corrected in about 20 minutes, and they report that all is well with both guns rockin' and rollin' as intended, along with decent accuracy that won't win any bullseye matches, but is fully up to informal target practice and the ritual Sunday Afternoon Ringing of the Steel.

The guns are made up almost entirely from cast (not MIM) parts, including the frames and slides, so they probably won't be as durable under long-term hard use as machined steel...but the castings appeared to be good quality with no flash on the small parts...smooth and nicely finished...and only a hint of flash here and there on the frames...mostly on the underside of the grip safety tangs.

Compared to the old Thompson Auto Ordnance 1911s of the early 80s, the
RIAs are much better as to function, fit and finish...and not a bad deal for the money if somebody is looking for an entry-level 1911 clone. Of course,
as with anything else that is mass-produced, problems are bound to crop up on occasion...and these two pistols can't be taken as assurance of being representative of the line...but my impression was favorable, with all applicable caveats in force. I may even pick one up at some point to wring out just to see what they're made of...and to save some wear and tear on my Colt beaters that are gettin' a bit long in the tooth. Of course...If anybody has one that they'd like to donate for a torture test in the name of research, I'm happy to oblige
Personally I own a SA GI 45 and am very happy with it. If I was going to use it for more than HD or plinking I'd go with the Mil-Spec as the sights are better and the ejection port has been enlarged.
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