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Beginner haveing a few questions....plz help

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Hi, I have never had a pistol before and me and my dad thought it was about time to have one for the house. I was looking at getting a XD in .45 ACP. First question is are these good guns? Next does it matter that i have not shot a pistol before to get this caliber. Then also which would you choose and why the 4 inch service model or the tactical 5 inch. Thank you soo much.
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To answer in order:
I feel the XD-45 is a very good gun, I have one that I carry for duty and it sits on the nightstand when I'm a sleep. I prefer it over a Glock or other polymer pistols as it fits my hand better. Many of the others are also great guns and may be a better choice for others than the XD.
That you have not shot a pistol before is not really an issue but I don't think starting with a 45 ACP is a great choice though certainly not a poor one. I base this on the fact ammo costs for the 45 ACP are among the highest which prevents one from shooting very much. It takes a number of rounds to build proficiency with a handgun, much more than with a rifle or shotgun. The added recoil of a 45 ACP is also not very conducive to learning correct shooting technique which will prevent or at least hinder you from becoming proficient with your handgun.
As for barrel length, I prefer the 4" versions as it is easy to find a holster that fits the gun. When I had a 5" XD-40, there were only outside belt holsters that the gun could fit into, one was very expensive and the other very cheaply made. One could always use the Yaqui Slide type holster but I never cared much for that style. I also felt the balance was a little nose heavy which I didn't care much for. Someone else migh think it balanced fine though, depends on the individual.
My advice is to start with a 22 LR as a first handgun. A decent one is fairly reasonable in price (easily half and close to one third the price of an XD45), ammo is very inexpensive ($10-$12 for 500 vs. $15 for 50), recoil is light which allows you to learn proper grip, trigger squeeze, and reduce the likelihood of developing a flinch, and eventually you will get one anyways if you enjoy shooting handguns. If you decide you don't want to continue with handguns, you will be out considerably less also as you will lose less on trade/resale with a 22LR.
If you insist on getting a centerfire handgun, I would recommend something in 9mm as ammo is half the price of 45 ACP and recoil is substantially less. The XD does come in 9mm though it is a different frame size which is a little smaller than that on the XD45. My best suggestion would be to find a range that has guns for rent. Try out those that you are interested in to get an idea if you even like how it feels and shoots. That way you reduce the odds of getting a gun that you ultimately don't like.
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