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Beginner haveing a few questions....plz help

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Hi, I have never had a pistol before and me and my dad thought it was about time to have one for the house. I was looking at getting a XD in .45 ACP. First question is are these good guns? Next does it matter that i have not shot a pistol before to get this caliber. Then also which would you choose and why the 4 inch service model or the tactical 5 inch. Thank you soo much.
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by all means get yourself a good pistol.. a 22 is cheap to shoot so thats a good gun for you to learn with.. but for home protection may i suggest a 20 or 12 gauge pump shotgun..
load it with bird shot and put as many rds in it as u can.
probably 5-7.. its a vicious stopper for the burgler you are trying to stop. and wont go thru a wall an kill your neighbor or even your dad sleeping in the next room..
we have an modern day clint eastwood here .. totally amazes
me what he can do with pistol or rifle..but his home protection gun is a pump shotgun with bird shot. jmo
good advice .. thats exactly whats in my shot gun..[i hadnt read that article]..one thing to know tho..if you open up on a burgler with the bird shot at say 5 to 25 ft..inside your house..dont have much hope that you wont kill him..you probably will..even if you miss and he gets out the door .. you may have broken one burglers will to steal..after he has cleaned his britches .. he may decide theres got to be an easier way to get by..
this assuming you didnt get a clean shot at him in the yard,,
with the buckshot..pity the fool..
just a thought. in a sane world you wouldnt have to worry about
any charges being filed against you for the shot outside the house..but we dont live in a world,, i can make much sense of of anymore..
1 - 3 of 9 Posts
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