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Beginner haveing a few questions....plz help

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Hi, I have never had a pistol before and me and my dad thought it was about time to have one for the house. I was looking at getting a XD in .45 ACP. First question is are these good guns? Next does it matter that i have not shot a pistol before to get this caliber. Then also which would you choose and why the 4 inch service model or the tactical 5 inch. Thank you soo much.
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i am trying to decide if i should buy a smith and wesson highway patroller in 357 mag or colt 1911 in 45 apc.

these are the things i am trying to consider when purchasing.

A,my gun will be used for fun and home protection(have shotgun but swinging my 870 express trap 12 gauge super mag ... well no room at my place).

B,having handled numerous guns today at my possesion acuasition lisence course, the two mentioned were the most comfortable fits for my larger hand while not being akward like those 44mag hand cannons!

C,i am left handed left eye dominant (the sig was terrible to use Rolling Eyes )

D, i am poor lol! Razz Mr. Green

something i was wondering about is if the 38 is cheaper bullets than the 357 mag or 45 acp (pratice made cheap! Very Happy
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