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Beretta .45

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I personally would like to get Beretta to produce a pistol in .45 acp. If any of you enjoy the Beretta brand and would like them to manufacture a .45 ACP pistol please vote in the Beretta forum.
If we can get enough votes it would be nice to foward the votes to Beretta to influance their production decisions.

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I think the Cougar, Brigadier, or one of those types is already, or at least was, chambered in the .45 ACP. There may be others. I know Beretta had one as several members of the Minneapolis police department had them. They also had feeding and ejection problems, enough that they quit carrying them. I don't know if that was the officers' decision or a department one but they got rid of them.
Beretta already tried it, the Cougar was chambered in this round. I knew several Minneapolis officers who had this gun but they had many feeding and extracting failures with it and eventually were taken out of use by either the officer or the department. I was interested in it when it first came out but am now glad I waited. I don't think I know of anyone who currently has one and haven't seen one on a used rack in a very long time.
Great memory uglydog!! totally forgot about the Couger and it was only half a dozen years ago.
I was hoping to spur interest for Beretta to produce a .45 1911 version(or a HK or Glock type). Perhaps useful in the DOD contract.

What kind of feeding problems did the Minneapolis PD have?

Anyways thanks for your help.

uglydog, your always helful!
Let me know if you got my pm's.

I have several questions about another firearm.
Sorry for the double post, I thought I lost that first post as I had a power fade and the screen went blank. when it came back on line, the reply screen was blank.
The problems I remember the .45 ACP Cougar having involved failures to feed and eject. Two of the guns from MPD were worked on by a gunsmith I use a lot and he could not get them running properly. This was after they were returned from Beretta for the same problem and said to be working properly. I guess "properly" depends on whose life is one the line. The 9mm and .40 S&W guns worked fine but just not the .45. I know of one shooting where the officer got off only one shot when the gun jammed. The officer cleared it, fired, and again another jam. fortunately the offender decided to run rather than fight otherwise the result may have been worse than some embarassment.
El Padrino,
A Beretta .45 pistol may not be far in the future, their carbine (CX4 Storm or something like that) is available in ,45 ACP so I wouldn't think it would be much of a jump to produce a companion pistol. I have shot the .40 cal version of this a little and it is a fun gun. If there was the provision for an optical sight I would seriously look at getting one to replace my Marlin Camp Rifle.
P.S. _-I haven't seen your PMs, sorry to be so long in replying but I forgot.
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