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Beretta Model 74 takedown

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I recently inherited a Beretta model 74 .22 semi-auto with a 6" barrel in very good condition. No owner's manual. I understand the model 74 is similar to the model 70, 71, 72 and 73.

Does anyone know the take down procedure for cleaning on this model or have a source for an owner's manual?

Also, the blade of the rear sight is missing. It looks like the blade will just pop out if you loosen one windage screw without tightening the opposing screw. Any suggestions on a replacement blade or whole sight?
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Perfect. Worked like a charm. Thanks.
You will find info on takedown reprints on eBay. There is a guy on Gunbroker.com selling new 3.5" bbls for this model. You could buy one and use the sight. I bought one, and they are the real deal. Hope this helps. Jim
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