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Beretta Tomcat

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I just got one for summer concealed carry. Anyone else have one? Also, I was thinking of loading it with Glaser safety slugs... 8)
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I don't have one but know a couple guys that do. They seem to be a very nice gun. I would not use the Glasers in smaller caliber guns as most of the problems with the sub 9mm guns is lack of penetration. The standard HP bullets are so light to begin with that they have problems penetrating to begin with. Couple that problem with an even lighter bullet that is designed to limit already marginal penetration and there may be some problems with stopping a large or muscular person. I would stick with the premium but standard lead hollow points by Winchester, Federal, Speer, etc. Penetration should be just adequate and firing enough to ensure reliability in your gun would not break the bank. This reminds me another reason for standard ammo; these mouse guns can be very finicky in ejecting and feeding rounds. This worsens as the bullet get lighter so going with a heavier bullet should decrease the likelihood of problems.
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A friend of mine shoots one - I don't own one - and he likes it a lot. The only complaint I hear from him is it is fussy about ammo. I think he's settled on Winchester ammo - to get it to feed consistently. I've shot it a little - and I'm amazed at how accurate it is out to 30 - 35 feet. It's a pretty nice gun ( and certainly easy to carry ).
Whatever you decide to use make sure it works 100% :shock: :shock: :shock:
I own a Beretta Tomcat. I really like the pistol, its an accurate shooter. I bought a pocket holster for it, slip it into your back pocket and it lookes like a wallet. I consider it to be a good backup gun, its a little light in caliber (.32) but there are times when it is the only thing I can carry. Its accurate therefore I trust it.
I'd not go with the safety slugs. You need penetration through clothes and maybe even ribs to reach a vital organ. Hard ball is the way to go with mouse guns.
I have a Beretta Alley Cat .32 that I carry loaded with Winchester Silvertips
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