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Best handgun ever

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H&K P7M8 gets my vote.
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Overall, the 1911A1 is my choice; however, if you are talking a specific model or caliber - the the Colt Python is the winner, IMO. Nothing before or since has been such a work of the gunsmith's art. :wink:
The one that is the closest near by when the s%$t hits the fan... :wink:

I am kinda partial to the DA colts as well, esp the python. Auto's I'm torn btwn the 1911 and HiPower
Obviously the 1911 it has been around for almost 100 years and is still in use today. Plus they look/feel so darn good. Too bad any decent one will run you a pretty penny but it is worth it.
You can't have a "Best Handgun".... you need to have a

"best rimfire autoloader"
"best centerfire autoloader"
"best rimfire DA revolver"
"best rimfire SA revolver"
"best centerfire DA revolver"
"best centerfire SA revolver"

Then you need one of each.... then you need a couple more of each.

The answers, by the way, are....

Ruger Mark I
1911 of whatever flavor you prefer
S&W K-22
Ruger Old-Model Super Single-Six Convertible
S&W 19 or 29 (depends on how big a hole you like in the barrel)
Ruger Old-Model Blackhawk/Super blackhawk
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Without a doubt the 1911A1! The finest handgun and round (45acp) ever devised by man!

Can't pick just one:

for semi-autos I would go with a Wilson Combat 1911(but Les Baer gets a close 2nd) .....

for revolvers - I will go with a S&W Mod 27 6" (and the mod 29's in 8 3/8" barrels get a close 2nd here as well).....

but if anybody tells my wife, I could even limit it to a dozen, there will have to be some killin done ....... and whinin, and teeth grindin ....
Alright I'm gonna give you the name of the handgun that is the undeniable answer to this question.

The absolute best handgun ever to come into existance is
Whatever you feel comfortable with and gets the job done.
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All I know is it has a cylinder in it. The 1911 has been around a long time but the S&W Model 10 has been around since 1899 and is still in production. My vote is actually for the S&W Model 25 though. It can also be chambered in .45acp.
CAn we have an all of the above? I ca'nt pick just one. :oops:
Depends on what you are using it for. The best handgun ever (IMHO) is the Freedom Arms 83. Not what I would want to carry for self defense, but I betcha the new .500 Wyoming Express would do the job regarding "one shot stops"! I'd sure "settle" for one in .44 or .41. (Or, .475, or .454, or . . . heck I just want one!)
I can't pick one. I'd say

Beretta 85
Beretta 87
Beretta 92
Browning Hi-Power
Colt Gold Cup .38 Auto
Most Colt Revolvers
Glock 17 & 19
Glock 25
Kimber 1911
Sig 220
Sig 226
Smith & Wesson 15
Smith & Wesson 19
Smith & Wesson 29
Smith & Wesson 59
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S&W, model 66.
Very difficult question to answer. Most people will post guns that they own on this list as I will. I have a couple double actions, a couple semi-autos, and quite a few single action revolvers.
That being said, maybe it's the nastolgia of the single, but my favorite is a Ruger Super Blackhawk is 44 mag.
Pictured: top 2 are 44's bottom is 45 Colt

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