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Beware Taurus Rebate Rip Off

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Taurus currently advertises a $75 rebate on any 1911 on it's web site.

Unfortunately this is false advertising, they're lying about it.

I found out the hard way recently, when enticed by the offer, decided to take a chance on my first Taurus. Taurus has this offer on their home page and dealers tell you about it and print you out an extra receipt to send in.

I fell for the scam and sent in the rebate, and a couple of weeks later got a letter saying my "Taurej-0021-12" didn't qualify. I thought there was some mistake and called them.

I sure didn't expect to be calling customer support a few weeks after buying the Taurus 1911, but I don't think I was alone. As soon as I said rebate - click - I was placed on hold. No message "please wait" or "can you hold while I transfer you" just click and I was on hold for 15 minutes.

When customer support finally came on, they told me I can't read and was screwed out of $75 and there was nothing I could do about it.

Don't be dumb like me and expect to get a rebate on one of these 1911s. Search their web site, if you click on enough pages you can find out what their definition of any 1911 is. Bring a magnifying glass though, it's in the small print. I have no idea if anyone is actually collecting on these models though, you'll just have to take a chance if you want to find out for sure. I can tell you they are not giving the rebate for SS 1911s with Bull's Head walnut grips.

Hope this saves someone else from getting suckered by this fake rebate. This sure doesn't give me much confidence in Taurus though.

I had heard about the quality problems, but figured I'd take a chance. After they pulled this kind of crap though, I'm just going to try and sell it.

Nybody in the northern VA area want to buy a Taurus SS 1911 that doesn't qualify for a rebate on any 1911?

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Sorry to here that. I recieved my rebate on a 1911 SS with plastic grips and a friend got his on a 1911 SS with a rail.

BTW I love this gun. Got about 300 rounds through it so far without a glitch. I'll admit I've always had a bias against Taurus, I bought this on the dealer's recommendation. I didn't even know about the rebate till I got it home, it was the first day of the rebate and the dealer never mentioned it.
i am actually about to purchace my first taurus 1911. i hate that you had the bad experience you did. i dont understand why you would buy the gun though and turn around and sell it. its a great gun. i shoot my buddies all the time and i love it. rebate or no rebate it just seems worth it to me. you get alot of gun for the money is what im trying to say.
if your serious about selling it tell me because i would be interested if the price is right.
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