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bgetting a pistol from a different state?

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I am from michigan but recentally moved to colorado. I got my colorado drivers licience. I am flying home for christmas and I have con...er...talked my dad into transfering his s&w 44 mag to me. Now I have looked but cant find if a colo residant can obtain a pistol in michigan. Any body know or know where to look to find out?

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The safest answer I can give you is that for an interstate sale you will likely need to have a licensed dealer in Colorado receive the gun for you from MI and then transfer the gun to you from there. Most dealers charge a small fee for using their FFL like that. I believe, and I may be wrong, that you must be a MI resident to buy a handgun in MI.

You must be very convincing to get your father to do that. Congratulations and good luck!
Fuelburns give you the ONLY lawful answer. You must ship the gun from Michigan, via an FFL holder, to yourself in Colorado, via an FFL holder.
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