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Black Chrome finish?

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A gunsafe I found awhile back had black chrome hardware and I was thinking that would make a smashing finish on a revolver. Is there anyone who can do this or any good reason not to? (other than cost) I've never seen anything else quite like it.

Anyone who wants to offer a donor gun? I'll take good care of it. :wink:
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MagnaPort! Right up the street from you!!! :wink:
Really? Now all I need is a gun in dire need of refinishing. Maybe a S&W model 10 with heavily worn bluing? I saw several yesterday but can't drive another two hours to go back. :(
FYI... gun prep and chrome will run between $280 and $400. :(
I looked at MagnaPort's website and didn't see black chrome as one of their refinishing options. This is more of an idea for next year if I decide to pursue it. I figured about $350 for prepwork and plating. I don't necessarily need to do both at the same time either.
Fuelburns, I talked with them about doing the Model of 1905 and they said silver, black and midnightblue were available. :wink:
In that case I'll have to keep a look out for an affordable gun in need of refinishing. Nothing rare or valuable, just an interesting project. I don't expect any return on this investment if I go for it.
Here's a link I found a while ago, might be helpful..


Also if your looking to make it a project gun, then consider adding on one o' these...


I think I've seen them listed on Midwayusa
It is indeed! Now there's a gun that was left in a leather, holster for years, with no oil and never taken out! :cry:

It needs someone to love it! :D
I saw that link with 16 minutes to go. I think I'll pass as my wallet doesn't have enough "love" in it to fix the pitting. :wink:

I think I'm going to shelf this idea for a while.
Probably better, anyway, Fuelburns. Any more purchases this month and ATF is going to visit to find out what army you are outfitting! :lol:
I have an opportunity to buy an Anaconda but I've kind of lost interest in it. Especially now that I'm counting the dollars I've spent. They were all spent well, but still gone nonetheless. :roll:

I did get some funny looks at the police station Monday. I seem to recall more than one officer saying "you again?".
Anaconda schmonda! No S&W on that gun! :roll:

Hey... not to worry until the LEO's start calling you by your first name and asking if the combination to your safe is still xyz, eh? :wink:
Thats not too far off! At least I am on good terms with them. I still have to go back at least twice since my current purchase permit expires on the 30th. I doubt I'll have the 25 for at least another 10 days.
huglu shotguns (imported by CZ and dehaan) have black chrome in matte and shiny. the matte is super durable on my field gun.

I had a mtn bike years ago with the shiny black chrome. it was tough-wouldn't wear to the metal, but the glossy part will scratch easily.
I am looking into doing that black chrome myself, already ordered a powder coat system and the same company has the black chrome setup
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