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BlackHawk® Announces Xiphos Pistol Light

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BlackHawk® Announces Xiphos Pistol Light


NORFOLK, VA (February 2, 2006) Night-Ops, the illumination tool division of BlackHawk Products Group, in partnership with Insight Technology Inc., is introducing the Xiphos (pronounced ZI-fohs, with a long “i” and long “o”), a new pistol light. Continuing the Night-Ops tradition of naming products after the military tools that changed history, the Xiphos was a double-edged, single-hand sword used by the ancient Greeks along with a spear or javelin in battle. It is the forefather of the Roman Gladius sword. The straight, double-edged design of the Xiphos pistol light lends it the same overall martial versatility found in the swords used by infantry until the firearm supplanted the sword on the battlefield.

“BlackHawk is dedicated to marketing superior products and by teaming up with Insight Technology, we have been able to accomplish our goal of expanding the Night-Ops line of illumination tools,” Mike Noell, President and CEO of BlackHawk commented.

“We are excited to offer a high-quality pistol light utilizing the latest LED technology to those that go into harms way,” Ken Good, President of Strategos International and Night-Ops Brand Manager, added.

Alan Howe, Insight’s Director of Commercial Business summed it up, “BlackHawk is a tactical marketing powerhouse; this alliance ensures the success of the Night-Ops Xiphos.”

The Xiphos, designed and manufactured by Insight Technology for Night-Ops, is a 6-volt rail-mounted Luxeon® LED pistol light boasting 80 Lumens of blinding white light. The digitally managed circuit optimizes light output for the entire life of the batteries. The Xiphos can be activated and deployed with a single hand or two hands by an ambidextrous toggle or pressure switch. With a run time of over 60 minutes at peak output, the Xiphos continues to produce several hours of “usable” light. The light range is 25 to 30 meters within a -32°C to 45°C operating temperature range. The Xiphos pistol light weighs in at 4 ounces with 2 3-volt 123 Lithium batteries and is constructed predominantly of hard-anodized aerospace-grade aluminum. The measurements are 3.4”L x 1.5” W x 1.4” H.

The Xiphos Pistol Light will be available May 2006.

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