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Blackhawk to Super

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I installed the Super Blackhawk grip frame on my newly aquired Blackhawk 45 Colt- I ordered maple grips from Bearclaw Grips.
They came in today:

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Very nice! I didn't realize the grip frame was interchangeable. Beautiful grips.
Iterchangable no problem.
I prefer a heavier gun, and the steel grip grame of the Super is better than the aluminum BH frame. Also, if you sctratch the steel on a Super, bluing touch-up is no problem, while the aluminum does not touch well with AlumaBlack, and often has to be recoated. Plus, I really like the dragoon styled squared trigger guard.
Here's a Super Blackhawk grip frame on an Old Model .357 Blackhawk. This gun was originally shipped in 1970 with a brass gripframes, but an earlier owner must have switched it out. I thought about installing an aftermarket brass gripframe to return it to its original configuration, but decided against that after shooting it this way.

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