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Blatant Endorsement

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Have received my new Pistol Range Box, ordered from SGW board sponsor, CHEAPER THAN DIRT, and I have to tell you - I'm impressed. The quality of the product goes without saying... but the service was/is spectacular - as are their prices.

I heartily recommend you support this sponsor, save some bucks and enjoy the great service.

:D :D :D :D :D
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Did you get the aluminum folding top job ??? That looks like a nice set up. Cheaper than Dirt is a great place to buy from, quality is great for the prices they charge.
Yes, that's the one and I'm more impressed now that it's loaded! :wink:

They are nice to deal with on the phone as well. REAL HUMANS to talk to! :D

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How much do you think the whole thing weighs loaded? That's a nice looking rig. I guess I better get my order ready.
Right now, with a .45 Auto and .38 spl 6" and four boxes of ammo, binoculars, glasses, hearing protection, cleaning gear I am going to guess -20 lb.s. The shipping weight is 13 lbs, empty... but I think that's very over-stated. :wink:
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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