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Broke my mag catch today...

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I was at Gateway, and I shot 200 rounds, testing new loads. Anyway, the mag started getting hard to release. I though it was grime/dirt and junk.

Anyway, I get home and detail strip it, and the mag catch is cracked in half, and breaks in two by pulling it out.

Emailed SA, hopefully they have the parts on the shelf, and can get them right out to me.

Figures, one of the only 4 HiCap specific parts had to break. Aside from the Mag Release, Trigger, Mag and Grips, it takes regular 1911 parts.
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SA has always responded to me immediately. Hope you have the same experience! :wink:
Here is the email chain..

From: Casey Bates [mailto:[email protected]]
Sent: Sunday, March 05, 2006 10:09 PM
To: Dawn Oleson
Subject: Re: Question about .45 5", High Capacity PX9707L


A couple months ago I emailed you with a couple questions about a PX9707L that I bought. I was at the range today and I had a problem getting magazines to release and lock in. I thought I had dirt or grit in there, so I detail stripped the gun when I got home.

When I disassembled the Mag Release, I found the following:

Magazine Catch (1L) broken in half, and cracked around the catch lock

Catch Lock (1N) had one half of the screw head fall off when it came out of the assembly.

As this is both my Duty Gun, and my personal CCW weapon, I am trying to get it back up and running ASAP. None of my friends or local smiths that I know have the catch. It is a bit longer than a standard 1911 catch because of the HiCap frame.

Any assistance you could render in this matter would be greatly appreciated. I have enclosed a picture of what broke.

Also, are Magazine followers availble from Springfield? My mags are in great shape, other than a chipped follower on one, which keeps the slide from locking back after the last shot.

Thank you for your assistance in advance!

LT Casey Bates
HSL-42 Proud Warriors
Naval Station Mayport, FL
(904)270-xxxx x121 (work)

PS, if you could respond to [email protected] and [email protected] it would be appreciated. I work weird hours so it is hard to guess when I will be at home or on base.


Good morning Casey,

If you provide your serial number and a mailing address the parts you need can be sent out immediately.

Thank You!
LE Coordinator
Springfield Inc

420 W Main St
Geneseo, IL 61254
[email protected]
1-800-680-6866 Ext - 8980
Fax: 309-944-3676

Sent Following in Reply


Thank you for the quick response! The serial number is:


Mailing address
LT Casey Bates
xxx Kxxxx Road
Jacksonville, FL 32218

Something I forgot to ask about, do you have grip screws as well, I buggerd them up a while back and have been forgetting to ask about them.

Thank you for the quick service, please let me know what I owe for them.

LT Casey Bates

Much to my suprise:
I’ll get this sent out today if possible … no charge.

Thank You!

LE Coordinator

IN other good news, my M1 from the CMP ships today! July 1943 Reciever.
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:( Yep, I know how that felt... One on a brand new SA broke on the 3 rd after being returned from the SA Custom Shop accurizing job. Very annoying at range, probably worse when you're being shot at
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