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Bryco/Jennings .22 auto

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Hi, my first post here. Some of you may know me from shotgunworld.

Anyway, I curious if anyone can tell me about the Bryco/Jennings .22 auto. Most of the research I've done doesn't show this pistol to be the best but...

...my girlfriend can get one for free from her grandparents. She's been wanting a pistol for when she's at home alone, especially now that she going to be coming home late from work. She's very comfortable with .38 revolvers & we were going to start looking for one, but then her grandparents offered her this.

So far people have told me that this pistol is decent once you find the right ammo for it. One guy I talked to had three of them & all three liked different types of ammo.

I've already bought her a Remington 870 20ga for home defense, but she also wants something smaller. She'll be looking into concealed carry after she gets it.

Any info would be great. Thanks!
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.22 just sounds too small for a defensive weapon. Fun to plink, but it's just not going to stop anybody. Smallest I'd be even semi comfortable with is at least a .380 ACP, if that.
If she can get one free then don't let her turn it down! She can use it to practice her aim. If she wants to use it for self defense then I would strongly recommend against that. Like Finch said "it's just not going to stop anybody" at least not if their determined to be a problem. If this is an "either or" situation then go with the .38 IMO.
I carry a .22WMR as a backup and am comfortable with it; however, I have a lot of experience and an occasion to use such. .22 is ONLY an eye, ears, nose and throat weapon. Does she really want to be THAT close?

Go .38!
I'm well aware that a .22 is not anywhere close to the ideal defensive round. But, we don't have too many options right at the given moment. We will eventually get her a .38 or a .357, but neither one of us really have the money to get one right now. This gun is free.

My question wasn't really about the stopping power of a .22, because there isn't really any. My main concern right now is the reliability of the gun, problems to look for with it & what other have found to be the best ammo for it.

I do appreciate everyone's concern for the lack of power in this pistol. But, this gun's main use will be as a deterent. If you broke into someone's house & the home owner had a pistol in her hand, would you really sit there & analize the gun she's holding & whether or not it will take you down in one shot? No, hopefully you would turn around & run.

Lets put it this way; if you were a small woman & you came home late at night to an empty, dark house, would you rather:
A. Walk in unarmed
B. Walk in with this

Obviously you would rather have at least a small gun in your purse. That is, until we get her something bigger!
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The Jennings isn't real reliable in my experience. We has a lot of ejection/extraction problems with it. Can't recommend it.
Have not actually owned one, but have read about this gun on several different forums. In short it is cheaply made and does not enjoy a very good reputation for reliability or durability. Since it is free you lose nothing by taking it but I would try putting a lot of rounds thru it before I even considered using it for HD. A 22 isn't much of a defense round but it's better than a stick. However you don't pull a gun unless you're willing to use it and a gun that won't go bang at the critical moment is worse than nothing IMHO.

High Points are also cheap handguns. They're ugly, crude, bulky, heavy, unbalanced, and unrefined. Most experienced gun owners hate them once they stop laughing. However I've read a lot of threads on them and people who actually own and shoot them say they are actually pretty accurate and work as advertised. The gun has a lifetime guarantee and customer service is supposed to be decent. Most say they're a pain to break down and you need to shoot about 300 - 500 rounds before they start to get anything like smooth. High Points come in a 9mm and .380 that can be had for about $100. Winchester WB 9mm at Wal-Mart is about as cheap as you can get. This is all just info and not a recommendation for High Points. But if you really needed a HD pistol and were really strapped for cash - this is about the cheapest route I'd go and still feel fairly comfortable with the choice. Unless of course I lucked into a great deal on something used.
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I have never been known to turn down a freebie but if she plans on using it for defence than I would have to pass on the idea. It might be nice to have it for plinking purposes but not as a home defence gun. You would really want to go with at least a .38!
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