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Bullet Rifling

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Hello Friends,

I have noticed that the riflings on my bullets are deeper on one side than the other. It is rather pronounced. As an example, I shot a Speer Gold Dot 155 GN bullet (factory and reloaded) and 7.5 GN WSF with Winchester case. I can see rifling all the way around, but on one side there are groves and the other side there are "scratches" from the rifling. It looks like the barrel is groved the same. It does not apear to impact the accuracy.

Thanks in advance.

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Unless there is a pronounced difference in your patters, I would not worry about this. If you are concerned and really want to know for your own peace of mind, take your gun to a gunsmith and have him "slug" your barrel and he should be able to tell you or even show you the grooves and lands of the barrel.
You did not say what gun you are comparing or the barrel length which may have to do with the number of striations you will see.
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