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California SB 489 goes into affect today.

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Brief history from older article...

Jack Scott's Senate Bill 489 - a 2003 bill that takes effect Sunday - is touted by gun-control groups as first-of-its-kind legislation. It targets a specific kind of accidental shooting, involving a single unspent round fired from a handgun thought to be unloaded.
Semiautomatic pistols rechamber a bullet with each pull of the trigger, so a user can detach the magazine, believe the gun is empty, pull the trigger and only then discover that a live round was in the chamber. Under SB 489, new models of rim-fire semiautomatic pistols introduced to the California market after Sunday must have a disconnect mechanism to prevent firing when the magazine is removed. These models generally fire .22-caliber ammunition.

New center-fire semiautomatics after New Year's Day must be equipped with either a magazine disconnect mechanism or a chamber load indicator that warns of an unspent round. These models typically use 9 mm and other such rounds.

In one year - by January 2007 - all new center-fire models must contain both safety devices.

full story at http://www.sacbee.com/content/politics/ ... 6134c.html
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When is California finally going to break off into the ocean? :?
I'm with you Zombie, when is California going to break apart from the United States and sink into the ocean? This is just another attempt at the "Liberal Left" trying to control yet another element of our lives with the: "We're trying to protect you from yourself" excuse :roll: I guess I'm just really sick and tired of the government trying to control my life and the lives of good Americans just because of a few bad apples :x On the bright side of things it could be worse, I could live in California :lol:
clayshooter25/25 said:
Doesn't that legislation screw over 1911 owners?
After 2007 owners in Cali will have to buy used or pre '07 models. This only applies to new manufacture guns but eventually the supply may dry up. I know prices will go up because of this.
umm... am i missing something? whats the big deal? i live in cali and this dont bug me in the least
This could be the first step toward more safety legislation that drives manufacturers to stop selling in california because it is too expensive for them to produce a firearm that complies with all of the requirements set by the law. I believe Massachusetts is well on its way toward this goal. In Mass. you can't even buy a new glock because they haven't been tested under the consumer protection law and approved for consumer sales.

This is also another instance of personal responsibility being disregarded in favor of Big Brother deciding what's safe for you to own.
Pato - then you need to wake up and not be so complacent. The antis keep chipping away…chipping away… In fact, it’s interesting that they don’t so much directly target the foundation – the 2nd amendment but instead keep getting silly laws like this enacted. They will make gun manufacturing/sales, ammo manufacturing/sales, and everything else that goes with it so complicated and eventually expensive that it will shrink and shrink…and… We’ll be like other countries that ban firearms. Oh boy!
Wasn't there already a law for this? Its called involuntary manslaughter and comes with a stiff prison sentence. Yet another reason to...


But...god forbid we let the stupid citizens be required to think for themselves. People are just to stupid to own guns. Next I think they should require helmets for using the stairs in your own home. Dangerous things those stairs.
semiauto said:
What ever happened to personal responsibility? Are people in California really that stupid? Don't they know how to count the number of shots fired or rack a slide to check for a live round in the chamber?

I think that was an insult...don't you Jed? Let's go kick his ask!

People in California are not the problem, its the idiot government that takes the cake...watch where your shootin, pard!

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Pato said:
umm... am i missing something? whats the big deal? i live in cali and this dont bug me in the least
its not that....its that the government has taken out another slice of your/our choices and freedoms....
Can it be? William Terrel Bass and Artz are one and the same! Or is this paying tribute to our hero? :wink:

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lol....naw itz artz...
:lol: I pm'ed WTB on the shotgunworld forum and he gave me it with his blessing. If I need to, I will replace it....
It is a bitchin' avatar...throws people off big time. lol... :wink:
So WTB is alive and well? The avatar certainly threw me! :shock: :D

WTB is actually on the right. :D
The other gent is his sisters' brother-in-law's third cousin.... :shock:
strong genes huh..... :lol:

sad part is it kinda reminds me of Cali's gun laws. AFU....
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Nice family you got there Bob but it doesn't inspire much confidence for the fine folks of California. Your right about the politicians being the problem but there are still stupid people that force the idea of these laws to go into effect. Lets face the facts, without stupid people we wouldn't have laws :wink:
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