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Can someone Identify this Pistol

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I have a pistol from the early 1900's (approx) that appearently was made in Spain, and I am having trouble identifying it. I hope someone here can. Can't find a brand name on it anywhere. On one side of the slide it says "Model 6 35 Cal.". On each of the grips it says "CAL 6.35". On the frame it says "SPAIN" and it also has a serial number "136xx" elsewhere on the frame above the trigger guard. It's measurements are 4 1/4 inches by 3 1/4 inches. Photos are posted to look at. I am looking for the make and model number.
The clip (magizine) is missing so I want to try to find a replacement.

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Without a trade name, it's going to be hard to distinguish this Eibar, Spain .25 cal. clone from the others imported here before the '68 gun ban. They were all loosely based on the FN Model 1906 and Colt 1908 (minus the grip safety) and quality was all over the map. If you ever attend a well manned gun show, you can probably locate a 1908 magazine. Take your gun with you and try it in your gun. Who knows, it may work.
I had one very similar about 10 years ago. I believe it was made well before WWII, maybe before WWI. Many of these guns were virtually hand made. As Doc said, take it to a gun show to find a mag, but be prepared for a long hunt.
I spent a lot of money trying to find a mag for mine-tried to modify a Colt mag, but had no luck with that-maybe yours will accept one.


i just bought one of these. it was difficult to even find this 5 year old thread.
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