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Cap and Ball Age and Manufacturer

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I can't figure out what kind of pistol this is. You load the barrel in the top and in the bottom. After you shoot the first one, you turn over the barrel and shoot the second one. My grandfather found it years ago in a junk pile and I aquired it after his passing. The pictures clearly show the barrel turning and the last picture is one I took of it and the handle I carved for it(it only had the one white handle when my grandfather found it). Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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Your handgun is commonly known as a swivel breech derringer.

The American Arms Co. made a handgun that looks just like yours, but it is a cartridge handgun, not a muzzleloader.

The American Arms Co. was located in Boston, Mass. and made swivel breech, double barrel pocket pistols from approx. 1866 to 1878.

They made them in several different calibers.

.22 rimfire in one barrel and .32 rimfire in the other.

.22 rimfire in both

.32 rimfire in both.

.41 rimfire in both

If yours is a muzzleloader, then the above info would not apply.
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your gun is made by Classic Arms and is sold as a kit by Thunder Ridge Products. Called Class Twister Pistol Kit, .36 Cal, 6" and sells for slightly more than $98. Replacement grips can be ordered from Deer Creek Products of Waldron IN for $12 for white plastic. 765-525-6181. I have the same gun , but I have both grips though cracked.
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