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Cap and Ball Revolvers

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Just wanted to show off my Cap and Ball Revolvers. They were kits that came from Dixie Gun Works. The top one is a Remington 1855 .44cal and the bottom is a Colt Navy 1851 .31cal :D
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Nice pistols. I'll order the Dixie catalog every couple years and tinker with the idea of putting one together but never have done it. Those pistols look really nice..maybe i should reconsider.
Have you shot them?
Did the case come one of the guns?
I can't take all the credit here. I bought these guns from my uncle and he did a great job of putting them together. He even made the box too. He has fired them a few times and said that they shoot great and that they're loads of fun. Personally I'm still waiting for a chance to get out and fire these things, but with winter on the way it looks like I'll be waiting till next year :(
Newly purchased toy! This is my 1861 Colt Navy .36cal :D

All that needs to be done is a little smoothing on some rough spots and a healthly coat of blueing and she's done. I'll report back when it's in finished condition 8)
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my 1858 army buffalo revolver was way better than those :wink:
Maser said:
my 1858 army buffalo revolver was way better than those :wink:
Then why didn't you keep it? You didn't blow it up did you? :wink:

Hey semiauto that's really nice. I can't wait to see it finished. Any idea on how you're going to get it blued?

Maybe there should be an "I love my Blackpowder Pistol" section.
Fuelburns2 said:
Then why didn't you keep it? You didn't blow it up did you? :wink:
lol very funny but the reason i got rid of it was cuz i left one of the chambers charged with a load of homemade black powder for a long period of time and then this one day i was tired of it always being loaded so i took off the nipple and then poured out the powder and forced the ball out and i noticed that the inside of the chamber was completly corroded so i just got rid of it cuz im sure it wasnt too safe to shoot but anyways i had no idea u could get replacment cylinders so maybe soon il buy that same model again from cabelas :wink:
A lesson learned I suppose. I always look into replacement part availability before I buy after what I've gone through with my SxS. I miss shooting it...

Edited to add: be glad you didn't get tired of having it loaded and shoot it. :shock: That could be real unpleasant.
In response to Fuelburns2 I plan on using Birchwood Casey Perma Blue Gun Paste. The paste is supposed to give it a darker richer blueing than any of the liquids that you can buy. It should take around three to four coats to get it to look like the revolvers that I posted earlier :)
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