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Carrying a Blackhawk in the field.

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What do you carry your blackhawk in while hunting?
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A nylon belt holster from Uncle Mike's..... The "Sidekick". There are several sizes and lengths. Not as classy as a custom-made leather job, but very well-made and dirt cheap.

Check the website:

I have a Uncle Mike's black holster and belt that hangs at my side. I also carry in a leather cross draw holtser that is great if you're gonna be doing much sitting, like in a treestand.

Depends. . . . .if the weather is bad, I use a cheap full flap nylon holster and an Uncle Mike's belt. Ammo is carried in nylon pouch/folding ammo carriers also from Uncle Mike's.

If the weather is good I use a leather western style holster and cartridge belt. The belt holds both rifle and pistol ammo.
I carry my NMBH 41mag in a uncle mikes shoulder holster. ammo is carried in an ammo wallet attached to the shoulder strap.
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1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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