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Caspian Magazine Question

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I have a caspian 9mm pistol. I have 4 caspian mags with it, but curious where I can find more at? And are there any other mags that will fit a caspian?
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Aren't Caspians 1911-type guns?

Try Midway.

There are quite a few people here who know more about 1911 mags than I...of the listed brands, I would lean towards Mec-Gar, which is the only 'generic' magazine company worth buying (they actually make the OEM mags for SIG-Sauer and other companies, and those work great).
yes, but they do not show a mag for them. The only place I have found is caspian's website. However, the mags run around $75 each. Ah well.

I have a Caspian frame 9MM that I built and it uses any standard, 1911 9MM mags.
You can get them from Midway and I believe Wilson has them. I will check in the morning to see if I have some at the range. If so I will let you know right away.

9MM and 38 super are the same mags for the 1911 pistols BTW.


I sent you a PM.
I have one for the Kimber which will work just fine for your Caspian as it does for mine.

Is it a hicapicity mag? The caspian mags I have hold 18 or 19.

Sorry, I should have asked with so many varients.

Check with these guys as I know they have an excellent mag supply on hand.
www.caswells.com toll free 888-727-4668
If you call on a weekend ask for Vince, or Bridger, during the week.

Good luck.

1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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