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cast 9mm loads

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Well I put my 9mm cast bullet loads thru my chrony today.
125 grain Mastercast cone shaped bullet being pushed by 6 grains of AA#5. Max load is 6.3 grains. This load shoot well and is easy to manage. I get very little leading and it cleans up easy. I chronoed the load out of my Beretta Mini Cougar with 3.5 inch barrel. Loads were between 998 and 1024 fps. This is about 1100 fps slower than what the lee loading data says I will get with a max load of 6.3 grains of AA#5. I will assume their test gun also had a longer barrel. Next time I will test them out of my full size Beretta 92. As it is I am happy with the accuracy and ease of clean up.
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