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Cheap Ammo

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Gonna post this here because it's a new site, to me, and their prices seem extremely reasonable. They come recommended by Stephen Camp and, if you're like me, that's enough of a recommendation.

I have ordered new manufacture, .45LC with 240 gr jacketed round nose, flat tips for $188 + $17 s/h for a flat of 500. I have yet to see these rounds go for less than $21 a box and, in my area, the average is $24 - $28 per box, or better.

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Did you forget to give us a link or did I miss it? I have yet to find .45 LC for less than $24.99 per 50 and that was cowboy shooting stuff.
Oooops. My Bad!!!


Even cheaper by the thousand... just in case you're interested!

45 COLT (New Ammo 500 1000
G45LC 200gr Round Nose Flat Point $180.00 $350.00
G45LD 240gr Round Nose Flat Point $180.00 $350.00
For 1000 that breaks down to about $17.50 per 50 rounds. Thats a great price even for remanufactured ammo. I wonder how dirty it is.

I also noticed they sell 100 454 casull for $90. I'd like to get a .454 just to satisfy my curiousity.
Fuelburns, read what Stephen Camp had to say about them on the FFF forum. From what I can gather, they are a clean round.

Sportsmansguide has Finnochi ammo in .45LC for about $19 a box... but the ballistics listed seem weak. If I recall, some of the .45 acp stuff is faster and hits harder. :roll:

p.s. You need a .454 Casull or .500 S&W only if you're into pain, suffering and an absolute guarantee to never get a second shot at anything. :wink:
That is a good price for loads using those bullets, in fact most bullets. If what is in the store is the same as on the web, that Fiocchi is actually Cowboy Action loads so would be rather weak. I shot a lot of it as well as it is not much different than most other .45 Colt loads and was only $12.99 a box a couple years ago. Cabela's has OK prices also if you get the 600 or 1200 round packages.
I don't use heavier .45 Colt loads much, if I want or need more bang I pull out the .454 Super Redhawk. If you watch what you're buying you can get quite a spread in performance. I shoot a lot of 260 gr Winchester 454 loads in the silver box which aren't much more than a hot .45 Colt load. They work well on deer from my limited experience. The heavy hitters are the Buffalo Bore rounds, at least to me. A 325 gr bullet at 1500 fps is a real handful. Its what I carry when I'm in Alaska as I feel I will only need one shot in the event of a bear problem.
Well, I have sent my order for 500 rnds of .45LC, 240 gr. flat points at a cost of $19 a box. I'll let you know how they do. :D

Fuelburns... there's a new range on Woodward!!! Brand New!!! I'm going to stop this week and check it out. :wink:
Paul F. said:
Fuelburns... there's a new range on Woodward!!! Brand New!!! I'm going to stop this week and check it out. :wink:
:p :p :p Directions please. I hope they're more affordable (and friendly) than a certain someone on Dequindre. Woodward is a bit out of the way for me but I will drive to support a worthy business.

I'll post exact location, tomorrow. Looks to be a beautiful facility. I did a search on their name and it doesn't appear they have "relocated." Must be new!

Yayyyyyy. New range, new shop, new people! Maybe I'll be the first member of the new exclusive groupies! ROFLMAO!
If Peters had better lighting and ventilation I wouldn't be so interested. As it is I don't have an alternative where I'm willing to spend my money.
Peters is okay... but I'm looking for a place that's just a bit more friendly and ventilation is way important to me.

I'll let you know the location. I work at Woodward and E. Long Lake, so they're close. I believe they are between 12 and 13 Mile Roads... on the east side.
Fuelburns, it appears that this shop has existed for quite awhile and I never knew it! I believe the name has changed and there's a bunch of improvements - but it's been around awhile and has quite an inventory. I'm stopping by tomorrow. :wink:
When I bought my Blackhawk,I got 500 rounds of Ga Arms 200gr LRNFP as part of the deal. It WAS clean ammo and new,not reloaded. I now have 500 peices of Starline brass(nickel plated) that I'm reloading as fast as I shoot it!

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