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Chrysler 300

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Who of you may have a chrysler 300
They arrived here in Australia a couple of months ago and althought I have not gone to have a closer look they are appealing, How much are they in the STATES and what do you think of them. :lol:
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I got to sit in one a while back and I was very impressed. It's a very nice car but well beyond my means. I didn't get to drive it though. This was at an auto show so there was no price on it. I think they sell for over $40,000 around here, maybe more. There are many hundreds of people driving the 300c around here so it is popular.
they are nice large cars. they are based on the last mercedes e-class platform and also have the mercedes 5 spd automatics and rear axles. the american ones have their own interiors and detroit iron v6 and v8 powerplants, but basically, it is an older e-class. a nice car at a lower price than mercedes. also profitable for daimler-chrysler to recycle the old platform and wring some more money out of the tooling before it is worn out.

the top model is the srt-8 6.1L with 425hp and the two v6's are 2.7l and 3.5l with about 200hp and 250 hp. the other v8 is a 5.7 340 hp.

price for the regular V8 is around $35-38k usd nicely optioned, but the real selling point will be several thousand less since american car companies are selling at bottom dollar to compete with toyota, nissan,and honda. the base v6 is close to $20k, actual may be lower than that even.

btw, there is a challenger model and station wagon 'magnum' model that cost less, but it is the same car and engine. the nice charger/ magnums are low 30's.

what do they get in AUS for engines?
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