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Cleaning a 1911

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How often should I clean my 4" GI .45? I've put 120 rounds through it of Remington and Winchester target ammo. I'd like to have something to look forward too, that way the thing isn't jamming every other shot before I decide it needs a good cleaning.
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you can keep the bore and feed ramp clean without disassembling. you may have to clean the extractor groove after awhile if you start getting extraction or ejection problems. when I was on a pistol team, we only cleaned ours thoroughly once a year; unless something broke, which was pretty rare. After each thorough cleaning, the pistols had to be 'shot in' again, and would usually return to a slightly different zero than before. When you have .45s that are easily capable of keeping all shots in the X-ring at 25 yards, you soon learn what works and what doesn't. baths don't work. do keep the bore and feed ramp clean tho. also, keep it well-lubed. wiping off excess lube is all the cleaning you will generally need.

most people on this forum know that .45 ACP barrels have very shallow rifling. you should examine a new bore at your first opportunity to see just how shallow. that will keep you from thinking you need a new barrel when you don't.
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