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Colt Government Models...Why so high?

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Back in the middle and late 90's the dealer cost on a 1991A1 was $359...now the dealer cost on one is $605! Why? This the most basic pistol they make; I think it even has a plastic trigger! Matte finish, cheap plastic stocks, and crude sights...which are all fine if priced accordingly...I actually like the gun, a lot, but it is ridiculously overpriced! It seems like Colt has pretty much abandoned the shooting public...the items that they still make for us are so overpriced that most working class folks can't afford them. No more Anacondas, no more King Cobras, no more Pythons, no more .380's, etc.. Why? These were good guns and people liked them. I myself love the Government model .45, as well as the other firearms listed above. They just don't seem to be a very well-run company, especially when it comes to items for the shooting public. How do you folks feel about these issues? Thanks.
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It is sad that Colt has fallen so far - especially in terms of quality - when they could have controlled the market if they had chosen to. But honestly, even for a basic gun like that, it doesn't sound like their prices are out of line.
You're right Pat - if I was on a real limited budget, I would probably spend the money on a Springfield or something else - rather than the Colt at that price point or any price point for that matter - if I was looking for a "plain" 1911.

I was trying to comment on how sad it is that Colt has fallen so far in terms of semi-autos. Although you could argue, that they never were that good. I'm a Vietnam era vet - and the Colt .45 ACP's were never that good a gun. We would often have a gunners mate take 5 or 6 of them and put the best of the parts together to make up a "decent" gun. But they were never very reliable or very accurate unless someone really "tuned" one up.

In terms of entry level 1911's - for reliability and accuracy - I would put Springfield near the top. I would probably put Taurus down a little - but I don't know much about their 1911's. I think SIG is probably improving in the 1911 world - and Kimber has fallen a little - but a lot of that really depends on which model you pick. Kimber, as an example, makes a lot of guns and there is a big difference in one out of their true custom shop like the Raptor vs some of their less expensive models.

I'm not a poly fan - from any mfg - not even Wilson Combat. But I think Wilson Combat makes some of the finest custom and production 1911's on the market ( in 9mm and .45 ACP) - even better than Ed Brown or Les Baer ( but that's just my opinion ), how they feel, fit my hand, etc. But paying $2,500 for a production 1911 is not what everyone wants to do. But I'd rather have 1 Wilson Combat - than 3 lesser guns too - and there are a few out there in the used market at a good savings - just have to be patient. Take care / didn't mean to mislead you.
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