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Comparison of T/C and savage?

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Alright I got a 15" Encore in .308 for deer hunting, and so far I like the gun a lot, but it is a bit large in the grip for my liking. That and the heavy barrel makes this gun slighly difficult to balance accurately. So I'm going to get the rubber grip for it as it fits and feels much better than the walnut imo, and take another year to get to know the gun before I hunt with it. I'll also use a pair of sticks or a rest for shooting. But I'm wondering if anyone has shot the encore and also the Savage striker to give a comparison in how they both handle and carry. I was originally wanting the striker, but couldn't find one locally. So when this encore showed up I grabbed it. Would I possibly be happier with the striker?............ Uglydog, if you're out there I know you said you liked yours. How is the balance? How does it carry? Have you ever used an encore?............Also to everyone, what is your favorite carry rig for your Encores and strikers? Where did you get it? Thanks.
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Thanks guys. sorry about the "hit and run" post, but I had to go away on a damn hunting trip. I promise I won't do it again. :wink:..... HWD, Thanks. It's good to see that I'm not alone when it comes to the grips on this gun. I put in my order for the ruber grips today.......Uglydog, Yes I made the mistake of trying a monopod. What the hell was I thinking? :roll: I'm looking into either a bi-pod or just using my back pack as a rest. But either way I've yet to get out and shoot it some more. I got the opportunity to handle a striker and it is better balanced, but I'd like to shoot one 1st in order to make a decision. I'll probably just end up buying the gun and see how I like it. It's kind of a habit of mine. :wink: Thanks........Anyone have any recommendations for a bi-pod? Things to look out for?
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Thanks dog, that's exactly what I was looking for. I'll keep it in mind during my search. :D I also thought of using a pair of tent poles myself, but thought I might look a little "retarded" to some of the guys so I bailed on that one. Maybe I'll try it while shooting alone and see how it works out? :oops: :lol: Where are you hunting? I was in Adams/Marquette for the opener. Saw an unusual abundance of average/less than average bucks being taken. Lots of small does too. I didn't get a shot but my buddy managed to take a 5 pointer. It was the very first deer I've seen taken with a .223. About a 100 yard shot and it fell 50-60 yards later. No trail to follow, but the bullet appeared to do some pretty good damage considering the small caliber/weight. Small rack but was a nice sized deer. Family and dogs alike are eating good this week! ........... Might go back for the muzzleloader and spring turkey. I love the area, but dislike the whole pumpkin patch thing. Too many people too close for my liking. Muzzleloader should be more relaxed. Well thanks once again. Good luck on your hunt. 8)
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Anyone use the new sling stix?
Re: re: Comparison of T/C and savage?

uglydog said:
I've been hunting in the St Croix Falls area with a buddy as his wife is having some medical problems that are keeping him from the normal haunts around Winter. I took deer with a .223 as a favor for some friends as they wanted an opinion on the effectiveness of the Bear Claw bullets in this cartridge. I personally feel the .223 is too small for most usage on deer but for culling fawns and yearlings it is marginally adequate at best if one carefully picks their shots. Fortunately, nothing large came by to tempt me. Now I'm using something bigger, let the "turdy point buck" show himself now!
I'm with you. When he 1st mentioned he was bringing that gun I gave him the look, and he said, "It's legal, and i want to see how it works." Well now he knows, and he said he won't do it again or even recommend it to anyone else...............You've seen the "turdy pointer"? :shock:
Oh man, the taxidermist must love this time of year. I can just picture the line going out the door and all the fellas hollerin' at him. Poor guy. :lol:
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