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Comparison of T/C and savage?

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Alright I got a 15" Encore in .308 for deer hunting, and so far I like the gun a lot, but it is a bit large in the grip for my liking. That and the heavy barrel makes this gun slighly difficult to balance accurately. So I'm going to get the rubber grip for it as it fits and feels much better than the walnut imo, and take another year to get to know the gun before I hunt with it. I'll also use a pair of sticks or a rest for shooting. But I'm wondering if anyone has shot the encore and also the Savage striker to give a comparison in how they both handle and carry. I was originally wanting the striker, but couldn't find one locally. So when this encore showed up I grabbed it. Would I possibly be happier with the striker?............ Uglydog, if you're out there I know you said you liked yours. How is the balance? How does it carry? Have you ever used an encore?............Also to everyone, what is your favorite carry rig for your Encores and strikers? Where did you get it? Thanks.
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I've got one of the Encores.Like you,I find the wood grip to be just too much. I held, did not shoot, an Encore with the rubber grip. The gent who owns it has paws that are much bigger than mine and HE didn't like the wood either. He explained that one time wearing gloves or in damp weather I'd be looking for a set also. I'M LOOKING. I've handled the Savages but have not shot one of them. The one that I handled had a right hand grip on it. It would have been interesting for me to shoot it lefty.

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