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Concealed carry

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I am new to the forum and I have a question regarding concealed carry. I own a Beretta 92fs 9MM that I carry with me in my truck. I want to carry on my person but the Beretta in my opinion is to big and bulky. What is the smallest most powerful pistol available that can be carried comfortably.

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There's a whole bunch out there nowadays. I'll start with two and others will join in.These are in no particular order.

The Glock model 27 in .40 S&W caliber or the SigSauer model 239 in .40 S&W.
The smallest would be some of the Kahrs, Seecamps, Kel-Teks, Detonics, and other very small handguns. (Despite what some may say, the 9mm is a perfectly adequate defensive arm and has much going for it in the way of inexpensive ammo to practice with and low recoil. Good bullets and proper technique and tactics will do more for you than a bigger, more powerful caliber.) Theses are small but for many they are too small as they do not fill the hand very well. The real question is what is the smallest/big gun that you can carry comfortably. That only you can determine for yourself and much is dependant on holster and type of carry plus your body configuration. If you can, go to a range that has guns for rent and try a few out. I would stay with single stacks as they are usually thinner which aids in carry and concealability. Then pick a couple holsters and try them out, often the range has a shop that will let you try some for yourself. You will go through several holsters before you find one that you will ultimately prefer. Don't go cheap in holsters, you get what you pay for. A good holster will generally start around $40 and go up to $100. I carry an officer's sized Springfield 1911 with double stacked magazine regularly inside the waistband without anyone being the wiser. I can carry a full sized 1911 or the 92F this way and the Beretta will occasionally print as the grip is fairly wide. With a belt carry with a long untucked shirt or shoulder holster, I can comfortably carry my Ruger Super Redhawk with few realizing what it is and is fairly comfortable.
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I've been researching methods to carry a full sized pistol and one of the more promising holsters I've come across is the smartcarry. Here are some pics of the holster on the owner of the company.

The website:
I don't own one of these so I can't personally recommend them but if you want to carry your full sized beretta then it may be worth considering. They are highly regarded among those who use one.

If you want a small gun for carry I always recommend a snub revolver in .357mag 8) but it doesn't sound like you want a revolver. Good luck and let us know what you decide.
Thanks for the replies and suggestions. I have been doing some research on the manufacturer's web sites and my next move is a gun show where I can actually handle some of the pieces I've seen online.
nobody has mentioned any snubby revolvers in .357 mag or something like that :? anyways i had a chance to shoot one of those mini glocks once a handgun range and it was chambered in .45 acp and the muzzle flip was tremendous but yet still fun and with plenty of knockdown power :wink:

i would choose a snubby revolver tho cuz semi autos can jam but a revolver never will :wink:
My personal choice is the Glock 23, which is chambered in .40 S&W. It's a nice compromise of size. Don't forget, a GOOD holster and belt will go a long way in helping conceal your firearm.
I really like the Sig 239. It's a great gun and would be quite easy to carry. Honestly any gun is good if you have the right holster...

For larger guns I reccommend this ...


Get the C.-T.A.C. model holster. I carry my Ruger P89 in it and no one is ever the wiser. I also have one of these for my Sig 229. It's even more stealthy.

But for smaller guns I reccommend this... It's similar to that smart carry link fuelburns put up, but I think it's a little better.


Give those a shot cheif and let us know what you think.

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In the exact order...A Glock 23 in a cross draw or an IWB, depending on weather or application. In the winter, any of several Commander sized .45's in a kydex hip holster. Wouldn't leave home without them..!! Always carry a spare magazine in a back pocket...
My best cocealed guns are the Colt Commander,CZ75Compact or the Beretta Centurion. All are thinner than my Model 60 S&W. A lot depends on your size and type of clothing along with the season . I tried the small of the back holster but shoulder problem stopped that one. Can't reach the darn thing.
Smith&Wesson 340PD .357magnum, 5 shot,only 12oz.(empty)
I'm gonna save up to buy one soon, then get some laser grips for it, oh yea
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Those ultra light magnums are real snappy on the recoil. See if you can try it before you buy it.
One of the CCW instructors has one which I got to shoot. It does get your attention when fired with magnum loads. Funny thing was the instructor harped on how important it was to be familiar with your gun but he had only shot a couple of 38 Spl loads through it before starting to carry. The first 357 load was during the range portion of that class and he started rethinking his ammo choice as he started to flinch after one shot. He didn't think it would be such a big jump from the .32 ACP Browning he used to carry.
.32 and .357 both have a 3 in them but beyond that they aren't comparable. I'm a newby and even I know that. :roll: I wonder if he is fully qualified to give such advice to his class.
I found this person to be very knowledgable on firearms laws and was of the dozen or so classes I've sat in on, he was one of the best at being able to pass this info on to others in an interesting manner. Like many people, he was excellent at on aspect of the job but fell short on another. At least he was extremely good at the most important, in my mind, portion. We all have strengths and weaknesses and this weakness is one that is easy to buttress.
I recommend the Glock 23. Small enough and powerful. Just make sure you know and comply with your state's CCW laws :D
I carry a Smith & Wesson Bodyguard .38 special or a Beretta Tomcat .32ACP
Kimber makes "The World's Smallest" 1911, probably in 9mm.

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