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Corner Shot(R) Unveils the New Corner Shot ''Assault Pistol

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LAS VEGAS--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Feb. 9, 2006--Corner Shot Holdings LLC:

-- Based on the outstanding features and capabilities of the original (handgun) Corner Shot system, the new weapon offers the extended range, increased firepower and enhanced lethality of an assault rifle in a 5.56 mm caliber.

-- Corner Shot is a high-tech weapon support system designed to enable military, law enforcement and security operators to effectively observe and engage targets from around the corner or from behind a cover without exposing any part of the operator's body.

-- The inventors of the Corner Shot system now offer the same concept in its APR -- Assault Pistol Rifle version: The "CS-APR 5.56."

-- Corner Shot -- patented worldwide -- was tested and is currently employed by special forces military units and law enforcement agencies worldwide.

Corner Shot, a weapon system that provides the ability to observe, acquire and engage targets from "around the corner," is now available in a 5.56 mm Assault Pistol Rifle version. Unveiled today at the SHOT Show in Las Vegas, the Corner Shot Assault Pistol Rifle weapon system enables security forces to remain outside the line of fire while engaging targets. The APR version of the Corner Shot system combines the design principles, features and capabilities of the "handgun" version with a small 5.56 mm assault rifle, thereby providing a versatile range of weapon systems that can incorporate the "weapon of choice" for any law enforcement or regular infantry organization, be it a handgun or Assault Pistol Rifle. The system was invented by Amos Golan and developed together with Asaf Nadel, both former senior combat and special units officers.

The CS-APR 5.56 system includes a small, high-resolution video camera and monitor, through which the operator can view targets located around the corner in real time. The video camera enables the operator to scan the space "around the corner" or "in the next room" prior to pinpointing and engaging the targets. Alternatively, the video image can be transmitted to other elements or to a rear area command post.

The CS-APR 5.56 is capable of accurately engaging targets at ranges of up to 250 meters. It fires all 5.56 mm ammunition types, including special, non-lethal ammunition, using standard M16 / M4 magazines or specialized, shortened magazines.

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