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Correction Chart?

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Has anybody here ever shot at a correction chart? im a relatively new pistol shooter and thought it would be a good idea. i found some free printable ones and printed a few out.

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my experience has been that new shooters generally aren't good enough to worry about a correction chart for a while because they do so many little things slightly wrong that they can't get a tight enough group to make use of one. A bigger help when you are a new shooter is to have someone load your magazine or revolver cylinders WITHOUT YOU LOOKING with snap caps in random places so that you can see what you are doing when you think the gun will go off (Such as flinching left or right or pushing up or down). It worked really well for me anyways.
The snap cap drill is good advice.
I have never shot at a correction chart (if you mean one of those target-like charts that tell you what you did when a shot goes to a particular place on a target) but I keep them around at a range that I supervise so that shooters can use them for analysis.
If you are a new shooter, notice when you analyze a correction chart how much happens because of very small movements of the hand/fingers. When you move your trigger finger, those three fingers below want desperately to move in sympathy. Small motor movements. Very subtle stuff.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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