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Hi there
I have three T/C and they are one of the best.
For all the info you will ever need is at BELLM FORUM
I dont know how to post links but just type in your search bar
BELLM then click on the in store in RED scroll down and you will see the forum on the left side. Register and like this forum it is tops.
let me know how you go
Cheers Bob

8pointduck said:
I got a chance on getting a custom T/C Contender two barrel set. 1# barrel is a 14'' bull in 35 Rem. that has been Magnaported, but the 2# barrel is the one that throws me. It is a 45 Colt light contour octagon barrel (factory) that looks as thin as a shotgun barrel. Can I shoot my higher velocity loads with this one and get good accuracy or just standard old school mild stuff? I've seen a standard 45 barrel and the 45-410 versions, but this one has got me .........
1 - 1 of 3 Posts
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