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Springfield Armory XD9 tactical customized for USPSA Production Division. The work performed by Springer Precision is detailed below:

-Dawson Precision fiber optic front site with target rear site
-Action work including smoothing of factory parts and polishing of feed ramp
-3# competition trigger with reduced overtravel
-Replaced guide rod
-Extended mag release
-Grip tape

I have the Trijican night sights that came on the gun and all spare parts replaced by Springer Precision. The gun maybe has around 500 rds through it at the range, virtually new. I also have around $300 in gear - Comp Tac belt holster, 5 Tek-Lok mag pouches, CR Speed belt, all brand new, never used. For anyone interested in practical pistol competition, this is a great setup for USPSA production division.

Between the gun, gunsmithing and gear I have about $1300 into this setup. Asking $900 OBO + shipping

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