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anybody done a 9mm conversion to their cz-52, thought it would be a great plinker, and I've been asked not to shoot my 7.62 tok at the indoor range.
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Sportmans Guide 9mm Barrel conversion has been getting great raves on my other forums I visit. I have three cz's and a 9mm barrel I just haven't had time to test it yet.
It did install very easily though.
Have you made any other mods to the CZ, the motivation behind modifying mine is lack of commercial ammunition in my area. I've seen some pages featuring heavily modifyed CZ's, the come out really nice.
How much do the 9mm barrels cost? Anyother parts needed?

I am seeing this turning into a cheap 9mm to shoot for fun on the weekends! :D
I think I got the barrel for 89 or something close to that.

But, YES YES YES YES!!!!!!!!!!!
Wolf Gold line will be producing 7.62x25 and have it in stores by the end of the year!!!!!! So I'll probally go back to original when it happens.

I haven't done much else to my cz except add some custom red/black swirl handgrips and Duracoat it a shadow gray color.
great news about wolf producing 7.62x25, i love that round, it's just difficult to find them. Sure gets everybodys attention at the range.
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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