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I'm looking for a 9mm that is close to a 1911 frame and cz 85 combat looks that way. Question! Is this gun any good for the money (620.00) msrp? Thanks Gunny

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One of the best, most reliable and underrated handguns on the market today.

They were the only entrant in the firearms trials when the govt changed from 45 to 9mm who passed ALL of the tests necessary for bidding.

Beretta finished dead last and failed nearly all the tests. But then we know how our govt works when it comes to taking care of the GIs. So naturally Beretta won.

Food for thought.

At my range and in my retail sales over the past 20 yrs we have never had a problem with a CZ.

However, keep in mind Glock was not present for those trials and of course one has to consider that not nearly as many CZs are sold world wide as are Glocks etc. But in my professional experience they are very fine firearms.

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