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Thats right. I am oh so very pissed. I was winning bidder on a Colt Python 6" blued and the auction ended while I was in school. Not that I'm surprised to have lost the auction, what burns me is that I lost by a mere $5. Had I been able to watch the auction I might have won. At least I still have some nice Python grips on the way.
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It has happened to me on any number of occasions.

Hey, I may have a Ruger Single Six, both cyl, new and stainless, on the way! :D
Congratulations! I just send Tusker a MO for his beautiful stag Python grips yesterday and now I need to find a gun to put them on. I think I'll cry myself to sleep tonight. Time to save more money while the overtime is abundant and look for a nice Python at a fair price in the meantime.

I'm going to build an AR-15 first though. CheaperThanDirt has near complete Colt M-16 upper assemblies with the triangular forearm. I've always liked the older forends and hated the new round ones. I'll start there and finish it sometime next year.
Live and learn---whenever you are not there bid your top dollar---still you may be sniped at the last second by some cowboy :oops: :evil: :roll: :shock:
"Cowboy" is one way to put it. :x Life goes on. I just hate auctions because I typically lose when I bid what its really worth.
I found another one I want more this morning. An 8" blued version with 5 days to go. The other five bidders weren't even near the reserve price so I may actually win this one.

I do want that Colt M-16 upper too though. Hopefully my incentive check comes tomorrow.
good luck with it - you have more patience than I do ( I can't sit around and let some -------- outbid me by $5 ....
I'm currently bidding on another Python with a much higher price. I will win this one. The auction ends an hour after my class ends so I can watch patiently as it ends. I've also picked up 15 hours of overtime this weekend to fund the extra expense. Hopefully I have deeper pockets than anyone else watching.

I ordered the M-16 upper assembly for the AR15 today too. That will be a fun project.
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