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Davis P380 slide removal?

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Allright, I'm stumped. A buddy of mine has a davis P380. I know it's a 'throw away gun', but is it really this throw away?

The firing pin broke on it, so i went to pull the slide to check it out for him and I can't figure out how to do it. No slide release, tried pulling the trigger while pulling the slide, tried everything I can think of but ::nothing:: seems to work. Anyone with any insight?

It can't go straight back because of the slide construction and can't go straight forward for the same reason. it's almost like it needs to come back, tilt up, and then slide forward.

Either that, or does the barrel thread out/press out to allow slide removal?

Any help would be awesome.

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Pull the slide back part way and use a screwdriver to push on the slide retainer (plastic part on the back of the slide) in and lift up. There is a hook on the bottom of the retainer that holds it on. Watch yourself while you take it off as the firing pin spring might want to take off on you.
is the tab at the very back of the slide, or on the side of the slide?

On the back....

Should have a small hole in it that you can see the firing pin in when the gun is cocked (cocking indicator). Push it in with the slide pulled back part way, lift up and slide the whole slide assembly forward and off the barrel (tword the muzzle).
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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