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Which one?

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  • 16 ga SxS or another Shotgun

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Decisions, Decisions

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In the last month, I have been promoted to Lieutenant, (Navy O-3) refinanced my house (no cash out, but saved $300/mo in interest), and recieved a large increase in Flight Pay.

I was planning on getting some stuff I had been putting off anyway, but the wife "approved" the following, making it guilt-free:

1-New stuff from my Triumph Bonneville. I plan on getting a center stand, and some decent mufflers.

2-Parts to finish fixing the boat. I'd been holding off on a new carb and intake.

and most importantly...


Here is my quandry. I currently have 2 12ga pumps, and a Marlin 60 (really her's). The rest of my collection had been sold off over the last few years when she was in college and money was tight.

Here are my thoughts in no particular order.

Option 1: I was thinking of a new 1911 style pistol, but am open to other ideas. I miss my old Series 80, and do not have any handguns at the moment, and may get stationed in a state with less than friendly gun laws.

Option 2: 16 Gauge SxS S0 DeHaan. I like SxS, don't have one, and the 16 gauge would add to the "neato" factor.

Option 3: Some sort of .30-06/.270/.308 Deer Rifle. Bolt action with a scope, other than that, not set on any one model.

Option 4: A CMP M1903A3 Springfield. Historic, uses common ammo, and Grandpa carried a sniper version in WWII.

Option 5: CMP M1. Historic, and semi-auto.

I am posting this on all 3 "world" sites.

If anyone would like to open my eyes to a gun I may not have considered, it would be greatly appreciated.

I shoot skeet, and like all forms of shooting. I do some hunting, but my job and availabity during hunting season limits what I can plan on doing, but would like to hunt more
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This probably isn't much help to you Thumper, just saw the poll and had to chime in for the SxS 16 ga. Just becasue that's a missing link in my collection. I always thought a fantastic setup would be a SxS with a 16 and 28 ga barrel set, all done up real pretty like a high grade Ithaca or something. Thought about the M1, but because we can't hunt with semi-autos in PA it would end up being a very expensive target rifle. I hope you enjoy whatever you pick, it's a happy predicament!
I would choose either the 1911 or M1. If you go the 1911 route you should check out the Springfield Armory series.
I would say go with a 1911 or another handgun because you said you don't currently own any handguns. That is a whole set of shooting activities you're missing out on.

Personally, I set aside at least $25 every week for gun purchases. It adds up fairly quick and it isn't enough to miss it as I set it aside. You could use this method to create a gun fund. Just a suggestion.
I have a similar savings method for the boat, it does work.

I have been looking at the Springfield Armory line, does anyone have one, and what is your impression, good, bad or ugly.

FWIW, I have LARGE hands and wear a size 14/15 glove. Are the double stacks worth the extra money?

I was looking at the GI model 5" High Capacity. Is there any difference from the 5" standard other than the magazine? If it is a thicker grip, I think I would like one for fir reasons.

Also, what is the going price. The standard lists MSRP at $502, and the Doublestack at $559. The local shop here has the standard "on sale" for $620.

Anyone know a good reasonable Springfield dealer withing a few hours drive of Jacksonville, FL?
1911A1, .45... nothing else need be said. :D
I'm going to agree with everyone else on this one, 1911 all the way :D
semiauto said:
I'm going to agree with everyone else on this one, 1911 all the way :D
+1 for the 1911.

Get a basic model, use it a while then decide if you want to add any bells or whistles.
Just bought it today, get to pick it up Tuesday!

It is a GI High Capacity, with a Mil Spec slide. It is technicaly used, but it still has the warranty registration in the box.

Less than 25 rounds thru gun. Could not tell it was used by looking at it. Fits my hand perfectly with the stock grips.

$520 OTD with all taxes.
Congrats :wink: Post some pics when you get a chance!
Thumper... most excellent decision and a pretty good price. It isn't used, by the way... it's not even broken in yet! :wink:
Congrats on the gun, I think you will like it. $520 is not a bad price at all, mine was $450 with one mag back in the days of the high cap ban. I ended up with 2 10 round and 4 12 round mags for an extra $130. Figure in a few years of inflation and hopefully the standard 2 high caps and you probably come out ahead. I originally thought of getting a single stack and using thick grips but decided if I was going to increase bulk I might as well increase magazine capacity too. I have thought about getting a full size double stack and have a light rail mounted underneath as my bedside gun. Cost to have this done and using a Surefire M-3 is about as much as getting a similar single stack Operator or whatever Springfield calls theirs. With the XDs I now have this idea has faded a bit but is still warming on the back burner. Have fun waiting, we can walk out with our handguns as soon as the background check clears. I think I'll run a couple of boxes through my 1911 tomorrow just for drill. :)lol
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Picked it up today! Will take it to the range as soon as I get a chance!

My digital camera sucks, but Santa is bringing my wife a nice new 6 megapixel. Have pics in 3 days.
I am waiting on those pics. sounds like a really nice buy.
Did you post this same poll on SGW? Or did I just experience Dejavu?
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