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Dickson Detective .25

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I saw one of these recently in 50-70% condition. It said made in Italy and had a design similar to a PPK with the barrel fixed to the frame and the slide lifts off. No safety, 7 round mag with 40 year old ammo in it. It seemed to be very functional. Can anyone tell me anything about the history or value of this gun?
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I did manage to find that they are made by Galesi and importation stopped in 1968. It's the same as the Galesi 503 and 504. I still don't know what the value is though.
Hello, I saw this post recently and wanted to get more info on the Dickson Detective 25 caliber pistol. I just bought one and need a couple of parts for it including an extractor. One post said that the Galesi 503 was the same as the Dickson Detective. Are the extractors the same as well as other parts? Thanks.
from what i can tell they are the same i got my Dickson from my father a few years ago and it is a nice little gun. can put it in my back pocket and no one can tell i am packing
thats good they are basicaly the same. It will make getting parts a bit easier. Yea, they are nice and small. They do fit nicely in a pants pocket. I bought mine off of a friend a couple of years ago. It was such a cool little pistol, I just had to have it. I found 3 nice extra magazines for it on Ebay...cheap!
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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