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Drum Mag?

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I thought this was interesting.

http://www.midwayusa.com/eproductpage.e ... mid=564303

I wonder how well it works? It almost seems like a joke but I bet it would be fun if it is reliable. I seem to remember seeing a smaller drum that looked much better somewhere else too.
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I'm guessing these are a no go in Californina?
Its a Promag, I haven't had great luck with anything by them and that which is greater than normal capacity has been dismal at best. It is an interesting concept with no reasonable application that I cna see. If it worked I'd get one though, reasonableness has never been a high priority to me.
I agree. I fail to see the utility of such a thing but if it worked I might still want one.
back in the day you could get a 30 or 40 round metal drum for the 1911
That's pretty cool but I have concerns about the weight and the practicality of such a device :?
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