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Hey guys;

I have this elite 9 and the paperwork from the Colt Historian saying it is the Colt, Gold Cup National Match 9MM. I have pics but do not know how to enter them. I would share them if I could as this is apparently a rare gun from Colt and it is quite nice looking.

It is numbered and engraved 1 of 750. ELITE 1X 9MM LUGER engraved on the left side.

I have been looking on every site I can find trying to get any info on these guns and a possible value.
Other than my two older Winchester shotguns and two older mod 92 and 94s I am not a collector.
I shoot the other guns but have never shot this 9MM.

It has the parts made by a reputable gunsmith, such as teh barrel link, grip safety etc which would allow it to be shot and remain a NIB gun. But I have not fired it since I received it and I am the second owner.

The original 750 guns were sent to RSR in July of 89.
My letter to the original owner from the Colt Historian is dated Oct. 1989.

Anyway I would appreciate any info and possible value as I am thinking about either selling or trading for a gun that I might use.

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