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ERMA .22 (Luger clone)

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I was at Gander Mtn today and saw a used ERMA .22 on the shelf for $219. It looks and functions like a Luger but I've never heard of ERMA (it said made in Germany) and the price scares me a bit. I have to wonder why someone turned it in.

I'm going back tomorrow to buy a 9mm Baby Eagle so if I can get a good look at it if it is worth considering. Any input?
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I did find another one online. I don't want a junk gun.

The Luger design was fragile and had trouble with the 9mm-I can only see trouble in the future with the 22 clone.I would buy a Ruger for the same money and save myself the frustration :wink: 8)
I bought a MK II for less than this much so the ERMA would be more of a novelty for me. I'd use it of course, but I don't want to throw my money away. I think I'll most likely pass unless someone has a good reason for me to buy it.
Erma made a look alike M-1 carbine in 22 lr -that workedbut- the Luger was pretty much a flop from what I know--just trying to save you a headache :wink:
And I greatly appreciate that. This is why I ask such questions here.

If you said it had a great reputation and would likely be very reliable I'd probably jump on it at that price. Since it isn't worth the possible headache I'll spend my money on ammo or a better gun instead. I'm a big believer in getting what you pay for but I have had some great luck in the past.
I thought you were getting the Baby Eagle?

EDIT: Never mind. Just read that you bought a BE in your review.
There is no such thing as too many guns, just too few dollars. :wink:

I should have something else in the next few weeks too. :p
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