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I have a custom buil caspian. It has had roughly 3,000 rounds through it. It is a Caspian double stack frame. The barrel is a Schuman 6 port hybrid barrel chambered for .355 (9mm). It has a Comonali guiderod. The gun is a standard 5" 1911. The rear sight is a bomar adjustable sight. The trigger job on the pistol is smooth and awsome. The pistol is a little heavier than most which helps make 9mm recoil close to none at all. The gun has been well kept, cleaned, and maintained. I also have 4 18-19 round caspian magazines that comes with the pistol.

Would make a great open competition pistol!!!

I would like to get close to $1400 for this pistol but am only asking $1250 plus shipping. I will consider all offers, but please, no trades.

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