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Hey guys, new to the forum, the guys over at shotgunworld tipped me off that i might have better luck over here.

So here goes:

Im looking to get a new carry gun. The PPK most go to fund it.

I have a blue PPK (NOT an "s"-6 round mags, wrap around grips vs. panels)
Its a smith & wesson stamped import.

Gun has less than 100 thru it, all winchester ammo(first and only box)

Gun has custom rosewood grips and a desantis pocket holster as perks to go with it. Original grips are black plastic

Original case, spare mag, spent shell, lock, barrel cleaner and all paperwork will accompany it. I bought it new last july for $500, added the grips holster etc.

Gun has been carried but shows no finish wear other than a few nicks on the slide (2 actually) that could be cold blued back to perfect no problem.

Gun is in Iowa, ill ship FFL to FFL, I have a guy here that will do it for 20 + actual shipping costs. Paypal fees ill split, other wise personal check/Money order work fine.

I was thinking of starting at $500 again, it has been very well cared for, militec-1 treated and always stored safe. I have 17 rounds (3 i deemed unfit for carry) of Gold Dot +P ammo that can go with if it helps/laws allow, as well as some 1 time spent shell casings if interested.

If i have enough interest Ill snap pics tomorrow after work.

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